Spring is finally here and it’s time to make some changes in our wardrobe: put aside some stuff and add other.

Every season has its leading pieces which are always current, regardless trends. In my opinion, the essential pieces for spring are: Continue reading “SPRING STAPLES”



Saturday is so far my favourite day of the week…Is the day you have fun, do what you love, meet people and  a lot of other cool stuff.

Since there’s always a lot to do then, you will need to go for a casual and comfy outfit. Continue reading “ON SATURDAYS WE CHILL”


I’ve been loving this over the knee boots trend for at least 3 years now. Unfortunately, I was never able to attempt it, because I couldn’t find the right pair in the stores, and I was skeptic about buying them online ‘cos I have quite large calves. So everything was in standby for a while. Continue reading “OVER THE KNEE BOOTS”


Another day, another outfit.

Today I’ll tell you about my fall uniform. Everything I’m wearing here is a staple in my closet.

Starting from the mom jeans, which have, since a long time, replaced skinny jeans, as my favourite . They’re the easiest to throw on in a hurry and  they basically look good with everything. This pair are new from Zara but I have a pair of mum jeans (from H&M) that i bought three years a go and still rock without any effort. Continue reading “MY FALL UNIFORM”