With spring comes ceremonies such as baptism, first communion, and confirmations. I find it quite difficult to dress properly for this kind of occasion because it is a semi-formal event. This means you can’t be too dressed up, but not even too casual. It’s all about balancing the two things.

I have some rules I always comply with when putting together an outfit for such occasions: Continue reading “MY SEMI-FORMAL OCCASIONS DRESSING RULES”



I spent the last weekend in Wien and it was freezing cold there, but that didn’t stop me from exploring the city. It even snowed on saturday. I can’t tell you how many layers I was wearing below my jeans and the turtleneck jumper. The key of the look was being warm and comfy in order walk and move easily around the city.  Continue reading “URBAN EXPLORER OUTFIT”


Another day, another outfit.

Today I’ll tell you about my fall uniform. Everything I’m wearing here is a staple in my closet.

Starting from the mom jeans, which have, since a long time, replaced skinny jeans, as my favourite . They’re the easiest to throw on in a hurry and  they basically look good with everything. This pair are new from Zara but I have a pair of mum jeans (from H&M) that i bought three years a go and still rock without any effort. Continue reading “MY FALL UNIFORM”


When you think about a go-to outfit what comes to your minds? Personally, I immediately think about the white button down shirt and jeans combo. It is an outfit I always loved and saw on other girls, but for some kind of reason, never tried. Continue reading “MY GO TO OUTFIT”