MY ADVENTURES: Northen France pt.1

How long does it take you to get back to the normal life after you’ve been on a vacation? For me it’s been really hard. I had such a great time, seen so many beautiful places and learn a lot. This was for me an extraordinary experience which I suggest everyone to try once in a life time. Continue reading “MY ADVENTURES: Northen France pt.1”



Hello people, it’s been a while, I know… I went on holidays last month and only now I’m getting back to my everyday routine. I will write a post about my summer holidays very soon.

But let’s talk about today’s post: it’s an outfit, a quite basic outfit to be more precise. Continue reading “EASE FIRST OF ALL”


When you think about a go-to outfit what comes to your minds? Personally, I immediately think about the white button down shirt and jeans combo. It is an outfit I always loved and saw on other girls, but for some kind of reason, never tried. Continue reading “MY GO TO OUTFIT”


Hi friends! How was your weekend? Today’s post is about my favourite blazer. It’s from Zara and I bought it ages ago, on sale. It was love at first sight and nothing has changed since then: still love everything about it. Continue reading “MY FAVOURITE BLAZER”