Oh, hi friends! Today’s post is about an hat and how it can make the most basic outfit look way more interesting. I always loved hats, and the way they had some mystery and confidence to a look, so lately I started an hat collection. I have only 4, for now. The one I’m wearing here is my latest purchase and actually my fave; I got it from &Otherstories on sale (it was only 15 euros!), and it’s 100% wool. 

To create this look I started from my fall basis: a wool jumper, some skinny jeans with knee rips for a touch of roughness, a biker jacket and a pair of Dr Martens 1460 which can defeat any puddle. When I looked my self at the mirror I quite like the look but I felt something was missing in it… It was needing some jazz so I tied a printed scarf around my neck, put the hat on my head. and voilà! I went from a boring look to a cool but effortless look.

Shop the look: Jeans|Jumper|Boots|Bag|Hat|Jacket|Necklace


Shop the look: Jeans|Jumper|Boots|Bag|Hat|Jacket|Necklace

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