Guys, I don’t know about where you live but here in Northen Italy it’s freezing this days. But I noticed that unlike the past years I sense less cold, and I think the main reason for that is the fact that I learned how to dress properly in winter without looking like a scarecrow and giving up the purpose of being on trend.

As you can tell from the post’s title, here, I’m wearing a trench as a coat and I’m not feeling cold at all! This because I created some layers above, that were going to keep me warm. First of all I wore a 100% cotton long sleeve t-shirt, then I thrown on this beautiful and super warm jumper. I really can’t praise this jumper enought because it’s perfect: the fabric has 14% alpaca wool in it, and is pretty chunky  in order to create a barrier against cold. Another thing about this jumper is its beautiful shade of brown and the sleeves has some jazzy tie strings at the wrist…so cute. The only flaw about this jumper is that it’s quite itchy.

The last layer is the trench. I really love trenches, they make any basic outfit look way better and sophisticated. The one I’m wearing is a quite long one (although I have in plan to buy a even longer one), and has a lot of details: the buttons, the belt, the cut at the back…It’s the ultimate trench. The fabric of this one is quite heavy and stiff and that’s something I really appreciate in this kind of clothing.

N.B: when layering the fabric is one of the most important things. I recentely started being more aware of the importance of buying products made out of natural fiber, they allows easier ventilation and not last they’ll  last more.

What about you? How do you tame cold?

Shop my look: Trench: here and here|Alpaca Jumper|Jeans|Loafers|Loewe Puzzle Bag


Shop my look: Trench: here and here|Alpaca Jumper|Jeans|Loafers|Loewe Puzzle Bag

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