Saturday is so far my favourite day of the week…Is the day you have fun, do what you love, meet people and  a lot of other cool stuff.

Since there’s always a lot to do then, you will need to go for a casual and comfy outfit.

What’s better than a pair of skinny jeans: I picked this ripped knee one, with the perfect stretch that allows easy movements.

Then a jumper, this one is from Mango, with a color block motive, keeps me warm in this cool fall temperatures.

On my feet some faux suede ankle boots in a tan brown (they’re very old from Mango). Thanks to the chunky heel I can gain a few cm, to elongate my figure. As a purse I’m wearing this bag, perfect to store all the stuff I will be needing during the long day.

Lastly a pair of sunnies, my new cluse watch and I’m ready to go.

Shop my look: Jumper|Jeans|Purse (or here)|Boots|Sunnies|Watch


Shop my look: Jumper|Jeans|Purse|Boots|Sunnies|Watch

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