Yeey! It’s my B-day!

Ok, I’m happy but also concerned about how fast time flies by. Just the other day I was a kid with no worries, and, now I’m 24! However I’m looking forward to see what this age reserves for me.

With this said today’s post is about an outfit and my first collaboration! I was contacted on instagram by Threadtank, a US brand who create a lot of cute and cool statement t-shirts. Read More


I probably should have done this post earlier. But it’s never too late, I guess.

My name is Blessing, I’m 23 (24 on the 16th October). I live in the Northern Italy in a beautiful region called Friuli, not really the best known in Italy. I was born in Nigeria and I came here when I was 5, so I pursued my whole education in this country. I’m attending Uni in Udine. Read More


I’m I the only one to agree to the saying “Black is such an happy color”? Black actually is my happy color! It’s perfect for every occasion, everything looks better in black, and also makes you look slimmer. Black has it all, period. That’s why I wear it so often; it allows you to play with different colors and fabrics. Read More


Winter is coming but it isn’t here jet; temperatures are decreasing and we sadly have to say goodbye to our summer dresses, crop tops, sandals and all our summery stuff. Fall, as spring also, is a season in which you don’t really know what to wear to face a day out Read More